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From Sent to CAN

IMC (Germany) has introduced the Cansas-Sent. It converts data from Sent to CAN, thus allowing for direct access of recorded CAN data from any data acquisition, testing or automation system.

SENT SENSORS ARE INTEGRATED INTO MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS using signals, including analog signals, busses and other vehicles of digital I/O. The gateway offers direct access to Sent sensor data in various applications and supports all sensors with Sent output. It got eight isolated Sent inputs; channel to channel and channel to GND isolation.
Also it supports fast and slow channels. Each input channel can handle up to four high-speed sensor channels. The company’s product is part of an universal measurement-module series with CAN output and its software allows convenient setting options.

The module is a tool that supports the testing processes of sensors, as well as the development and testing phases of ECUs/control devices. It is designed to work with data acquisition systems such as the imc Busdaq, imc Cronosflex or the imc C-Series. Another feature of the gateway is “passive monitoring”. Wired parallel to the existing setup between a Sent sensor and a control device (e.g., ECU), the product not only provides the gateway (conversion) to a CAN signal output, but it also won’t interfere with the existing communications of the test object. That is, it allows a reactionless (passive) monitoring of the signal. The transmission can be listened to without disturbing or interfering with it.

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