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FMS interpreters for truck and bus telematics

Au Group Electronics (Canada) announced the product family release of the Au FMS (fleet management system) interpreters. This family of products is designed dedicated for the European truck and bus telematics market.

ALL DEVICES HAVE AN FMS CAN NETWORK SIGNAL as the input, and output an ASCII sting at the EIA-232 interface. The ASCII data string can be relayed to a GSM/GPRS/satellite modem (with serial input), which eventually send the truck and bus real-time data to a web server and have those message processed and saved in a hosted database. This family of FMS interpreter products support the parameters defined by the latest FMS-Standard and Bus FMS-Standard. The family consists of four different editions.
The Value Package edition supports 33 common truck-FMS and bus-FMS parameters. The Truck edition supports all 48 truck-FMS parameters. The Bus edition supports all 121 bus-FMS parameters. The Truck and Bus edition supports all 136 truck-FMS and bus-FMS parameters. By default, the device family is provided as full assembled module. A low cost MCU (micro-controller unit) chip solution (integrated circuits) can also be provided for OEM clients and telematics integrator.

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AU FMS Interpreter

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