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Converts J1939 to CANopen and to Modbus RTU

Axiomatic (Canada) has developed a protocol converter. The gateway provides two CAN interfaces running J1939 and CANopen application layers as well as a EIA 485 port supporting Modbus RTU and J1587. All interfaces are galvanic isolated. The device is intended for mobile (off-highway) equipment, transport vehicles, and power generator control systems including oil & gas and marine applications.

THE IP67-RATED DEVICE WITH TWO CAN PORTS converts CANopen to J1939 messages and vice versa. It also functions as gateway between the CAN interfaces and the EIA 485 port running SAE J1587 or Modbus RTU protocols. The device operates from 9 VDC to and 36 VDC. The module is configurable by means of the Electronic Assistant software tool.

Prototyping is supported by the Simulink software development platform. This is a model-based design tool by The Mathworks (USA). It provides an interactive, graphical environment and a customizable block library that lets Axiomatic design and implement application-specific control algorithms via embedded coding tools. Using Simulink, the OEM machine designer is able to design the data conversion rules between the module interfaces using Axiomatic’s Simulink library. The development kit includes SAE J1939, CANopen, Modbus RTU and J1587 protocol software.

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