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To see CAN and GPS data online

The GPSauge MI6 CAN by GPSoverIP (Germany) is a device for live position finding of vehicles. The device is connected to the vehicle via the CAN network using the so-called FMS (fleet management) interface.

THE ENTIRE TRIP DATA OF THE VEHICLE is sent to the Internet via GPSoverIP protocol. The protocol was especially developed to transfer geologic coordinates data of moved objects to the Internet. The data is sent compressed and encrypted. The device may also log the transferred data. Together with the positioning data, data from the in-vehicle CAN networks may be transferred. The CAN data may include speed, fuel consumption, tank level, motor revolutions, axle loads, etc.
The device is available with an optional inductive connection for the FMS interface, which should simplify the installation of the device. Device’s connections “enclose” the CAN-high and CAN-low lines without to damage them.
This omits usage of special connectors or soldered connections. Also on changing the vehicle, the GPS device is remounted on the next vehicle without the need of additional connectors or adapters. There is no difference, whether the device is connected to a CAN network of a passenger car or a truck, a construction machine or an omnibus. The GPSauge transfers the raw data in real-time to the GPSoverIP gateway. Here, the data is decoded and processed, which is done using automatic bit-rate and CAN-ID detection. The company developed the so-called CAN-Live technology for the use in racing sports.

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