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CAN-to-USB interface

Ifak System (Germany) introduced the isCAN USB interface for access on any CAN/CANopen based network e.g. from a PC. The opto-isolated interface supports transmission rates from 10 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s.

THE STANDARD TYPE OF THE CAN DONGLE supports the 11-bit CAN-IDs (identifiers) and the 29-bit CAN-IDs. It is connected with a 9 pin D-sub connector using pinning according to the CiA 303-1 recommendation. Besides the standardized API (application programming interface), the RP1210 interface is supported, which may also use the J1939 protocol. LED's indicate the actual working condition. The device is based on the CY7C68014A and Asic SJA 1000 controllers. Mobile set-up as well as monitoring are supported. Desktop PCs and notebook devices without installed CAN adapter may be taken into the field and connected with the CAN network within seconds thanks to the USB plug-and-play features.
The device is powered via the network, thus not depending on external power supplies. With the included driver DLL (dynamic link library) user-specific applications may be integrated. Applications developed for the mobile USB interface may be used with the stationary PCI board without modifications. Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 are the supported operating systems. The device is delivered with the isCANopen CommDTM to be integrated in any FDT (field device tool) frame application. The isCAN Server and the isCANopen Server provide access to any CAN/CANopen based network thanks to an OPC interface. They support the OPC standard version 2.04. The CANexplorer4 software by Sontheim is supported as well.

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