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Access CAN from PC via Bluetooth

Ixxat (Germany) presents the extended version of its CANblue II gateway. This enables PC-access to CAN systems via Bluetooth for control and configuration applications with a transmission distance of 300 m. The device may handle up to 100 % bus-load at a bit-rate of 1 Mbit/s. The ISO 11898-2 compliant CAN interface is accessible via the 9-pin D-sub connector conforming to CiA 303-1.

IN ADDITION TO THE BRIDGEAND GATEWAY MODE, the intelligent module comes with an added PC interface mode. The support of the VCI (virtual CAN interface) Windows driver package enables wireless access for PC-based applications to CAN networks. At this, both customer-specific applications as well as company’s analysis and configuration tools are supported. The driver package may be used with all other PC interfaces offered by the manufacturer. This allows switching between the interfaces without adaptations at the application software.
The former available generic mode enables access to CAN networks for "non-Windows" systems such as embedded systems and handheld service devices. Here, the Bluetooth communication is performed using simple ASCII commands and CAN-suited binary messages. In bridge mode, several devices may be linked for a wireless connection of different networks. The message exchange is performed transparently, which enables the use of CANopen, DeviceNet and customer-specific protocols.
The galvanically decoupled device featuring an integrated (optional external) antenna and mounting holes requires 9 VDC to 30 VDC supply voltage. The operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to +70 °C. The gateway is designed according to the Bluetooth specification v. 2.1 EDR. Using external antenna the transmission distance of 300 meters may be expanded.

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