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CAN-to-USB gateway for OEM modules used in utility vehicles

Systemes Pran (Canada), an OEM dedicated to the transport and transit industries, provides the PR1001 CAN-to-USB gateway. This may be used between the manufacturer’s J1939-capable control modules and a PC. The modules are dedicated for motors, hydraulics, relays, switches and panels. The VisionPlex III software was developed to interact with the modules via the gateway.

BY MEANS OF THE SOFTWARE it is possible to update the controller module software as well as to set or change the module’s configuration. Problems on the vehicle may be diagnosed by looking at all pin states at once. In the test mode, the application may be tested by virtually forcing the pin state. To modify and update the display images as well as network time and date is possible. The software runs under Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. It is included with the purchase of the CAN-to-USB gateway. There is no license or time limit associated with it.
The company, founded in 1992, designs integrated electrical systems for utility vehicles and produces control modules for coaches and buses. The modules may be used as stand-alone units or as nodes in a communication network such as CANopen (available on some controllers) and J1939. Each module has the required hardware and software for implementing in a communication network. Further, the manufacturer offers human machine interfaces as well as communication and data logging solutions with connectivity to J1939-based networks.

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