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GSM/GPRS modem with local I/O and logging memory

The CANlink GSM 5000 family of modems by RM Michaelides transfers information captured in CAN networks to remote diagnostic systems and Web-based fleet management systems. The device manufacturer provides itself such services with the Proemion Web Portal.

THE COMPANY HAS IMPROVED its GSM/GPRS modems connectable to CAN networks. The devices packetized for example CAN in-vehicle/machine data and send it via GSM/GPRS around the globe. The CANlink GSM 5002/5102 gateways are equipped with local I/Os and a 2-GiB logging memory. The variant 5102 features additionally an integrated GPS module for global tracking of mobile objects. On request, further options, such as an EIA 232 interface or power management, can be added. The RMsys Configurator software provides enables the user to configure the modems. With the help of this tool, it is also possible to update the firmware and to configure the devices remotely.

With Proemion Real-Time service the user can access CAN data of monitored machines or vehicles in real-time – regardless of the current location. The Proemion Web Portal solution provides options for machine park and fleet management via the Internet, such as reporting, optimizing routes and processes or theft-protection with the help of geo-fencing.

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