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CANopen-to-Profibus-DP gateways

The PCO-150 series of gateways links CANopen to Profibus-DP networks. The Chinese manufacturer, Sibotech, provides gateways with CANopen NMT master and/or CANopen NMT slave functionality. Both products support CAN data rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The devices are DIN-rail mountable.

ON THE PROFIBUS-DP SIDE, the gateway devices adapt themselves to the bit-rate up to 12 Mbit/s. The size of the up to 112-byte input and up to 112-byte output on the Profibus-DP interface is configurable. The CANopen NMT master/slave version supports up to 14 TPDOs and up to 14 RPDOs. It features PDO time-out reset and SYNC producer functionality. The device also provides 28 SDO servers and 28 SDO clients. Heartbeat function is implemented, but Node/Life guarding is not available.

The gateway with NMT slave function only has one SDO client using the Expedited SDO upload and download protocol. It supports up to 42 PDOs to be received and 42 PDOs to be transmitted. It features a delay start function.

Bus status indicators are located on the front side. The Profibus-DP interface is available at the 9-pin Dsub connector. The CANopen interface uses a 5-pin open-style connector. The gateways provide an additional EIA-223 port. Via this serial interface the CAN bit-rate and CANopen node-ID are configurable by means of a PC.

In the CANopen network the gateways run independently of the Profibus host controller. They transmit for example PDOs as configured in the object dictionary. If the Profibus-DP host controller requests I/O data, the gateway responds with the latest received PDO data to realize the matching of network speed. It is also possible to forward the request by means of SDO. However this needs more time and is therefore suitable for non time-critical data.

TPDO and RPDO apply producer/consumer mode, and often be used in occasion with high demand about speed; Upload SDO and Download SDO apply client/server mode, the mode can guarantee safety of data, and often be used in occasion with low demand about speed.

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