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Gateway combines CAN and LAN

Eckelmann (Germany) has extended its E*LDS product range with a Combi Gateway. It combines the CAN network with LAN and facilitates a rapid CAN connection (ca. 250 kbit/s) with the CI 3000 store computer.

The serial RS232 interface is currently without function (Photo: Eckelmann)

THE GATEWAY IS EQUIPPED WITH TWO CAN INTERFACES: the first CAN interface is for connection to the CAN network of the E*LDS system with a switchable terminating resistor (galvanically isolated CAN interface), and the second CAN interface is for high-speed communication with the CAN network to the store computer with a switchable terminating resistor. It also offers an integrated XML interface for standardized and platform-independent data exchange. It offers LAN based data connection within the company intranet, secure remote data connection via the internet through integration in VPN infrastructures, and simultaneous access of up to four clients is possible. The gateway serves as an interface for accessing and configuring the system. The integrated web frontend, which can be called up via a web browser, also facilitates comfortable remote access (without hyperterminal), providing an overview of all the field devices in the system, displaying their current measured values.

The IP configuration of the gateway can be transferred using a USB stick, i.e. installers without any network expertise can put it into operation with a pre-prepared configuration. The gateway can also be used as an optional Modbus TCP gateway, which requires a license key. Additional features are a 7-segment-LED display for status and fault messages, power supply via external 24 VDC, an operational temperature range of 0 °C to 80 °C, IP20 protection level, and measurements of 45 mm x 100 mm x 115 mm.

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