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Prototyping platform for wireless systems with CAN connectivity

Fraunhofer ESK (Germany) has developed the Plethora framework for embedded data collection and wireless systems.

The prototyping board features a CAN interface and several wireless network options (Photo: Fraunhofer ESK)

INTRODUCED AT THE EMBEDDED WORLD 2014 EXHIBITION, the Plethora prototyping system features several wireless technologies and standards. This includes the 868-MHz band, IEEE 802.15.4 (2,4 GHz), WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g (2,4 GHz ), and the ultra wideband (3,5 GHz to 6,5 GHz), which will be available in the second quarter. The framework suited for the prototype implementation and evaluation of data capture and processing applications that require a variety of sensors and wireless interfaces. Integrated are sensors for ambient light, barometer, temperature, humidity, 3D accelerometer, and 3D magnetometer. Until now, the only way to implement such a wide range of solutions was to employ different hardware platforms. The supplier addresses with this product developers, who like to evaluate various concepts by using a single hardware module.

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