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Reworked USB-to-CAN interface

HMS (Sweden) has introduced a reworked version of the USB-to-CAN interface under the Ixxat (Germany) brand. The product supports CANopen and J1939 and it is available with either one or two CAN interfaces.

A FEATURE OF THE PRODUCT IS THAT it connects over USB 2.0 at 480 Mbit/s. This enables faster data throughput and lower power consumption, which makes the interface suitable for applications at maximum network load and CAN bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s, for example simulation applications.

The existing versions of the Ixxat VCI and Ixxat ECI drivers support USB-to-CAN version two, also permitting drop-in use in existing applications without changes to software – even when changing between different interface types. The Ixxat APIs for CANopen and J1939 also support this introduced device family. It is available in different variants with either one or two CAN interfaces based on ISO 11898-2.

In the USB-to-CAN version two compact, the CAN connection is implemented as a D-Sub 9-pin plug or alternatively as an RJ45 connector. The version that carries two CAN interfaces is connected via RJ45 connectors. Adapter cables to D-Sub 9-pin plugs are included with the devices. Additional options include galvanically isolated CAN interfaces, bulk variants, and support for ISO 11898-3 low-speed CAN and LIN. Another introduced variant is the Ixxat USB-to-CAN version two for embedded use, which is designed without housing but with a slot board and adapted USB cable for installation into a computer.

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Kvaser Sontheim

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