Push-In M12 connector

Improving wiring

[21.06.2018] Luetze has expanded its configurable M12 connectors. They include Push-In Technology for fast and fault-free wiring of configurable cables.

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Adapting 9-pin D-sub to RJ45 connectors

[2018-04-13] Schneider-Electric offers a connector adaptor for its Altivar drives with CANopen connectivity.

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TVS diode

Suitable for CAN FD nodes

[2018-04-04] Littlefuse (USA) has launched the AQ24CANFD series of TVS diode arrays. They can absorb repetitive ESD strikes.

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Analog Devices

Arduino shield

With galvanic-isolated CAN transceiver

[2018-02-20] Analog Devices offers an Arduino shield with its galvanic isolated CAN transceiver and the MCP2115 stand-alone controller by Microchip.

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Slip rings

For extreme environments

[2018-02-13] Servotecnica (Italy) has designed the SVTS G series for use in extreme environments. The slip rings come in a 130-mm size, are water-resistant, and explosion-proof pursuant to Atex Directive 2017/34/EU.

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CAN splitter

Supports J1939 and CANopen

[2018-02-06] Trombetta offers so-called CAN splitters, which allow connecting multiple devices to a J1939 or CANopen network. The product is IP67-rated.

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NEK Sealine

Marine-approved CAN cable

Available in one-, two-, of four-pair versions

[2018-01-30] NEK Sealine manufactures cables qualified for marine and offshore applications. They are DNV-GL and ABS approved.

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Teledyne Oil & Gas

Active flying lead

Extension for subsea CAN cable

[2018-01-30] Teledyne Oil & Gas has introduced its active flying lead family. It comprises fault-tolerant, high-speed, and optical fiber solutions.

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DC/DC converter

Suitable for CAN interfaces

[2018-01-17] Recom offers the R1SX series of automated 1-W DC/DC converters. It features 1-kVDC or 3-kVDC galvanic isolation suitable for communication protocols such as CAN.

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TVS circuitry

AEC Q101-qualified surge protectors

[2017-11-21] Bourns’ CDSOT23-T24CAN-Q comes in a SOT23-3 housing and features a 26,2-V minimum breakdown voltage.

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Voltage protection component

Varistors for CAN FD interfaces

[2017-11-13] TDK announced the expansion of its lineup of varistors for automotive network applications. The AVRH series supports Classical CAN and CAN FD interfaces.

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Isobus connector

For harsh environments

[2017-11-02] The overmolded circular connectors series S187 (CPC) from EVG (Germany) is now available. It complies with ISO 11783-2.

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Pin assignment

Connector recommendations updated

[2017-09-26] The CiA 303-1 recommendation has been published as version 1.9. Besides some minor editorial improvements, it contains the pin assignment for Micro-Fit 3.0 connectors.

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PTC heater

With dual-zone functionality

[2017-05-22] Borgwarner developed a high-voltage positive temperature coefficient (PTC) cabin heater as a waste heat independent heating solution. It comes with a CAN interface.

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ID module

Connector for CAN networks

[2017-05-17] Harting (Germany) has developed the Han-Modular ID module for CAN networks. Programming via the CANopen protocol is possible.

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CAN, Ethernet, and power lines in the same cable

[2017-05-16] Hradil has launched a cable, which can be used for CAN plus Ethernet communication. Additionally, it provides power lines.

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Lapp Group

Hannover Messe 2017

CAN cable for commercial vehicles

[2017-04-20] The Lapp Group (Germany) will present in Hanover its CAN cable dedicated for commercial vehicles. It was designed to withstand heat and fire.

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Hannover Messe 2017

M12 connectors: 90° adapter and gender changer

[2017-04-11] Provertha presents a 90° adapter and an gender changer within the scope of its M12 connector range.

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CAN FD transceiver card

Supports bit-rates up to 5 Mbit/s

[2017-03-16] Cast has released the CANFD-RxTx daughter card with the MCP2562FD transceiver. It is designed for the company’s evaluation board featuring the CAN FD core implemented in an FPGA.

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CAN Newsletter magazine

CAN in China: Still just a few local suppliers

[2017-03-06] This report provides an overview on CAN markets in China. One of the trends is a growing Chinese “robot army”.

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Embedded World 2017

Several products with CAN FD

[2017-02-28] HMS now extends its CAN FD product portfolio by introducing several Ixxat CAN FD products. This includes PC interfaces, bridges/routers, gateways, and analysis tools.

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Electronical load

For test systems and industrial controls

[2017-01-31] The electronic high performance loads EPS/EL 9000B of EPS Electronic Power Supplies (Germany) are suitable for test systems and industrial controls. They come in an 19-inch enclosure.

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Interactive digital license plate

[2017-01-17] Reviver reinvents the 125-year-old metal plate as an Internet of Things (IoT), connected to the CAN in-vehicle networks. The rPlate hits the road in California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas in 2017, other states to follow.

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IoT gateway

With two CAN interfaces

[2017-01-17] The Reliagate 10-11 IoT gateway by Eurotech (Italy) has been designed to comply with global certification requirements for industrial and lightly rugged applications. Two CAN interfaces are provided.

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Electronica 2016

Optical CAN signal transmission

[2016-11-10] The Optobox 100 by Langer is used for optical signal transmission via either CAN or LIN. Optical signal transmission systems are used for a floating transmission of signals from the device under test.

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International boat show

Marine radios with NMEA 2000

[2016-11-03] Garmin International has announced the VHF 110 and VHF 210 AIS, two VHF radios designed for both OEM and aftermarket applications. They offer integration with Garmin systems via NMEA 2000.

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Automation and Energy management

Smart factory and green building solutions

[2016-09-26] Delta presented a spectrum of automation and energy management solutions with leading energy efficiency for smart factories, green buildings, renewable energy systems, EV charging networks, and more.

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Contactless CAN adapter

For fleet-management systems

[12.06.2018] Inventure (Hungary) has introduced a contactless adapter for Classical CAN networks, which is compatible with the company’s FMS (fleet-management system) gateway.

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Erich Jaeger


Next Isobus generation

[06.06.2018] Nearly 16 years after its system was standardized in ISO 11783, Erich Jaeger presented a model study (proposal) for the next Isobus generation in agriculture.

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