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Keeping trains cool with CANopen

OEM Technology Solution’s PC3 controller is made for the rail and transportation market and is suitable for rail air conditioning systems. The heating ventilation and air conditioning series comes with CANopen.

Many Germans have learned the hard way that malfunctioning air conditioning in trains can be quite unpleasant (Photo: OEM)

TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEMS need to be designed with the comfort of passengers in mind. With this system’s predictive and pre-emptive fuzzy logic control strategies, actions are taken to control refrigeration equipment for ultimate temperature and humidity performance. The use of multiple heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units allows integrated temperature management across a vehicle or a whole train. For colder climates the system interfaces to the evaporator heaters, heat banks, heat exchangers, and boilers to provide adequate heating for passengers. The incorporation of linear fan control technology reduces noise so passengers can relax on their journey.

It is important that the train comfort control system integrates seamlessly into the total train management system. This is why the series comes with a range of network connectivity options, such as Multi-Vehicle Bus, CANopen, IPTCom, LONWorks and more. The CANopen port is galvanically isolated. The unit is configurable; the number and type of I/Os can be selected from a range of modules. The controller has been designed to comply with the railway standard EN 50155 for electronic equipment used on rolling stock. It supports both international programming standards IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499. ISO 9001 accredited design services can be provided too to customize the controller to suit the customer’s application. The IEC 61131-3 software development environment gives the customer access to an industry approved programming system to make changes to the operational parameters if required.

The control system incorporates a Smart Power Management System with real-time energy consumption monitoring that staggers the timing of air conditioning unit starts, load sheds for reduced power consumption, and uses emergency inverter control if necessary. The use of dampers for energy efficiency and use of outside ambient air based on real time passenger load information keeps passengers comfortable while reducing costs. The system connects to the “OEM Cloud” through integrated 3G wireless technology. The “OEM Cloud” provides a pay-as-you-go model for the use of the company’s internet web portal and data streaming services. OEM developed the remote monitoring system for HVAC units for the Australian company Sigma Air Conditioning. The General Manager of Sigma, Joe Schembri, says “Now we can have an AC unit on a strain in the middle of nowhere and as long as we’ve got some sort of connection via the internet, one of our technicians with an iPad can log into the serial number of a particular unit and see what it is doing. No one else I am aware of is doing that.”

OEM Technology Solutions provides products and services to the rail, transportation, and industrial markets. The company with headquarters in Australia offers heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), speed measurement and driver advice, vehicle and trackside condition monitoring, tailored electronic and software solutions, security surveillance and passenger information, and Scada solutions.

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