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Low leakage and high temperatures

AVX (US) has introduced a series of high temperature, low leakage automotive varistors. A possible application of the CAN varistors can be found in CAN networks for bus interface protection.

(Photo: AVX)

QUALIFIED TO AEC-Q200, THE CANATL SERIES of automotive CAN varistors exhibit low leakage (1 μA at 32 VDC, 25 °C) and are tested, qualified, and specified at 150 °C, making them suitable for use in high temperature underhood automotive applications, such as transmission control units (TCUs), brake control modules (BCMs), data lines, bus interface units, and other capacitance sensitive applications.

Based on AVXs patented multilayer varistor (MLV) technology, which combines circuit protection and EMI/RFI attenuation functions in a single, high reliability device, the varistors are zinc oxide based ceramic semiconductor devices that exhibit non-linear, bi-directional voltage current characteristics similar to back-to-back Zener diodes and an EMC capacitor in parallel. In addition to the space savings provided by enabling EMI/RFI attenuation in the off-state, the multilayer varistors provide performance advantages over diodes, including: high in-rush current capacity (8x20 S), a high 25 kV (HBM Level 6) ESD rating, low capacitance (10 pF) to minimize signal distortion, no derating over operating temperatures, and fast response times, which conservatively clamp the energy before it reaches its maximum. The varistors also exhibit multi-strike capability, excellent solderability, and an FIT rate of =0.1 per billion hours.

“By extending our CAN varistor offering with the Canatl Series varistors, we have expanded the number of applications that can benefit from the space savings and performance advantages inherent to AVXs patented MLV technology”, said Jiri Machanicek, product manager at AVX.

Rated for use in temperatures spanning -55 °C to 150 °C, the automotive varistors are currently available in a 0603 case rated for 32 VDC operating voltage. RoHS compliant, the varistors are supplied with Ni barrier/100 % Sn terminations and packaged on 7 or 13 reels. Pd/Ag terminations for hybrid assembly are available upon request. Current lead time for the series is 14 weeks.

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