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Pedelec charger

With Bluetooth function

The piCAN-Pocket-Charger from Pironex (Germany) is a charger for pedelecs. The charger comes with a Bluetooth interface.

The company’s app is only available in German yet (Photo: Pironex)

THE 135 MM LONG AND 170 MM WIDECHARGER allows charging of electric bicycles and pedelecs. The exchange of information between the charger and the battery is based on the standardized CANopen protocol, more precisely on the Energybus protocol. Due to the independent communication with the device to be charged, the optimum charging voltage and the optimum charge current are determined and provided, says the company. This compatibility to battery systems of different manufacturers makes it possible to connect this charger to a variety of pedelecs. The Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy) interface allows monitoring of the charging process and displaying information via an app.

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