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Power supply unit

Independence from varying line voltages

The Compact Power ES24 power supply unit from Eltex measures 60 mm x 155 mm x 90 mm and comes with a 24-VDC voltage connection. This makes the unit independent from the diverse national line voltages.

(Photo: Eltex)

THE POWER SUPPLY CAN BE USED AS VOLTAGE SUPPLY with two high voltage connections for all of the company’s discharge electrodes and blower nozzles in non-hazardous areas. The product is IP40-rated and features a 24-VDC supply voltage, two high voltage connectors, and connecting options for more bars or blower nozzles/heads via distributor ESV61. Additionally, it comes with an optical control display and a stable 5 kVAC output voltage.

With the CANopen interface, the discharge system can be integrated into higher-ranking machine controls. Via the interface, operating parameters can be modified and monitored. The interface also allows the unit to be activated and deactivated.
The error messages are either visually displayed on the device or output via CANopen or a potential-free contact. Operating status and error messages can also be queried directly. The unit is for actions in industries such as: plastics industry, especially in converting, printing industry in flexo and digital printing, print finishing and converting, packaging industry, electronics industry, and textile industry.

The German company Eltex Elektrostatik is a manufacturer of electrostatic systems. Its solutions have become established in numerous industry branches, but above all in the plastics industry with the focus on converting and laminating, and in the production worlds of printing, packaging, converting, and finishing.

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