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Starter kit

For developing micro-controller applications

The STM3240G-SK/KEI is a starter kit from Keil (Germany) for the STM32F4 series of micro-controllers. It provides the hardware and software users need to start developing applications for the micro-controllers.

(Photo: STMicroelectronics)

THE STARTER KIT IS A COMPLETE SOLUTION for starting application development and evaluating the STMicroelectronics STM32F4 series ARM Cortex-M4 processor-based micro-controllers. It comes with a full-featured evaluation board (including: CAN, Ethernet, USB HS, VGA camera, external memories, USARTs, Audio, and QVGA Touchscreen LCD). Additionally, it provides Keil's MDK-ARM Lite Edition (32 KiB) development tools, and the ULINK-ME (USB/JTAG) adapter. Starter kits can be ordered from Keil or from STMicroelectronics.