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Adaptive security system

Connected to in-vehicle CAN networks

BCE (Lithonia) offers the ADP-CAN security system. It mainly reads data from the in-vehicle networks.

The ADP-CAN device can be directly linked to the CAN in-vehicle networks – there is no radio remote control (Photo: BCE)

THE COMPANY HAS MORE THAN EIGHT YEARS of experience with manufacturing automobile alarms. It has read CAN data of more than 300 automobile models. The ADP-CAN device is designed for operation together with the factory automobile security or remote control door lock system. This system offers additional protection.

A danger signal is triggered when any door, hood, or trunk lid is opened, as well as when an impact sensor activates. If the ignition is turned on in protection mode, electrical circuits, which control the engine, are blocked and the engine cannot be started. Additional input is provided for volumetric sensors, mounted in the cabin.

“Our product does not send any data to the CAN network, it only reads status information,” explained Andrius Miglinas, BCE’s export manager. “However, in some Mercedes cars, we control incident lights via CAN.”

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