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Wiring harness

Volvo Cars with Leoni cables

Leoni supplies the wiring harness for future Volvo Cars (Sweden) models. The German supplier has already won Geely, Volvo’s Chinese parent company, as a customer.

The German cable maker supplies in the future the wiring harness for Volvo Cars (Photo: Leoni)

ACCORDING TO THE FIRST ORDER from the Swedish carmaker, Leoni will supply wiring harnesses for future Volvo Cars models. ”We are happy that Volvo Cars relies on our global footprint and high quality service”, stated Dr. Frank Hiller, member of the Leoni Management Board. The first order comprises the production of several harnesses like for underbody, tunnel, doors, roof and bumpers. Of course, the wiring system comprises CAN cables.

Volvo uses CAN communication since 1998. In the beginning, just a few ECUs communicated via two separate CAN networks. The 2012 platform comprises multiple CAN network segments interconnected by gateways and bridges to the central dashboard. Robert Eriksson and Hans Alminger reported 2013 in their presentation “Volvo Cars system architecture that fulfills vehicle needs of the future” that the next generation platform of in-vehicle networks will be based on a functional domain architecture. The domain controllers are backboned by Ethernet and the domain networks will use the best-suited communication technology (CAN, Ethernet, LIN, LVDS, Most, USB, etc.).

Europe’s market leader for wiring systems will be able to support Volvo Cars’ growth objectives on a worldwide basis, being present with research and development capacities as well as seven production facilities for wiring systems in the Americas and Asia. Having Volvo Cars among its clientele, Leoni enlarges its customer base thus stepping forward on its own growth path. In 2014, Leoni has already won Volvo Cars’ Chinese parent company, Geely, as a new customer.

Leoni is a supplier for wires, optical fibers, cables, and wiring systems. The company employing about 7500 people serves the automotive industry but also other markets including industrial automation. It is present in 31 countries.

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