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CAN connectors

Suitable for bit-rates higher than 1 Mbit/s

Provertha offers dedicated connectors for CAN communication. They are optimized regarding signal reflection, electro-magnetic compatibility, and contact resistance.

The CAN connectors are available in compact, special, and axial variants (Photo: Provertha)

THE CAN TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN INTRODUCED in many different application fields. Besides in-vehicle networking, this includes industrial machine control, factory automation, medical devices, laboratory automation, etc. This means there are different requirements regarding the connector design. In many of the non-automotive applications, especially industrial automation devices, D-sub connectors are used. Provertha’s connectors are suitable for Classical CAN communication up to 1 Mbit/s as well as for higher bit-rates as specified for CAN FD. According to the company, there are minimal impacts on the signal quality. The impedance matches the 120 Ω as required by most of the CAN system designs.

The German company provides 9-pin D-sub connectors as well as M12 connectors for fast plug-and-play connections. The zinc die cast housing ensures effective shielding of the enclosure and avoids EMI/RFI problems. The bus termination is integrated and is enabled by means of an on/off switch visible from the front. With the knurled UNC 4-40 screw the connector can be locked. The bus connectors with M12 connectors are available in variants, which provide on pin 1 the cable shield-connection or in versions with the cable shield is connected via the solid full-metal enclosure.

M12 high-performance connector for CAN (Photo: Provertha)

Provertha supplies also the according M12 plug and socket field attachable connectors in compact dimensions with outer diameter below 16 mm for the ingoing and outgoing cables for the bus connectors. The range of CAN products includes the M12 cordsets and M12 receptacle connectors plus T- and Y-pieces for distribution functions, which secure by the special full metal zinc die cast housing safety against EMI/RFI. The pin-assignment for CAN connectors is recommended in CiA 303-1.

The receptacle connector is the solution for devices and sub-assemblies. For easy handling on the PCB and an economical wave solder process versions with customized Wireclip on the wire end are available upon request. The Wireclip has a locking clip, which allow for the easy and safe snap-in locking with the wires already arranged in the requested pitch.

The M12 connectors with 4-point mil-crimp signal contacts and with a hexagon crimp termination system named crimp flange and crimp sleeve system secure the torsion- and vibration-proof cable strain relief and cable shield termination. This has been approved in an external certified laboratory with a certified test according to EN 51373, category 1, class B. Therefore these M12 connectors are the right solution for the failure-free function of CAN systems in extreme harsh conditions like Automotive press technology and hydraulic press technology or in production cells, robots, and other material handling systems.

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