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Electronica 2016

Optical CAN signal transmission

The Optobox 100 by Langer is used for optical signal transmission via either CAN or LIN. Optical signal transmission systems are used for a floating transmission of signals from the device under test.

The Optobox OB 100 (Photo: Langer)

The OB 100 set is used for optical signal transmission of either CAN- or LIN-signals. During an EMC-test, the CAN/LIN network is galvanically isolated. For EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) measurements the probe heads are used directly on the device under test and they are powered out of the assembly. On the opposite side (outside the anechoic chamber) the Optobox receives the probe heads signals via a fiber optical cable. Alternatively, two Optoboxes can be used.

The Optobox is used for optical signal transmission according to the CAN- and LIN-standard (change-over switch). Via an optical cable the optical signals are transmitted to the distant station (either LIN 100 or CAN 100 probe head or a second Optobox). The signals are transmitted via D-sub connectors or two laboratory sockets. The power supply is realized either via an internal battery, the delivered power supply unit, or the laboratory sockets (12 VDC). The Electronica 2016, where Langer presents the bus analyzer, takes place from November 8 to 11 in Munich (Germany). Langer can be found in hall A1, booth 124.


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