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CAN in China: Still just a few local suppliers

This report provides an overview on CAN markets in China. One of the trends is a growing Chinese “robot army”.

The editor, Holger Zeltwanger, reports about some general trends in in adapting CAN FD by local Chinese carmakers. There is one first Chinese company, which has developed an CAN FD FPGA. But there is no significant semiconductor manufacturer in China making CAN controllers. There are many machine builders using CAN networks in their products, but still most of the used CAN devices are developed in Europe and North America. In particular in construction machines, CAN is the dominating network technology.

The ambitious Jing-Jin-Ji project requires a lot of infrastructure in order to move people from their homes to the offices and factories, this may increase the sales of European supplier of CAN-connectable equipment for construction machines and public transportation systems (Photo: CKGSB Knowledge)

The article also reports briefly about China’s plan to cut emissions and to built a New Silk Road. Another trend is the growing “robot army”: Chinese companies substitute increasingly factory floor workers by robots. But still the local development of high-performance CAN-based devices is not following the demands of the Chinese machine builders.

If you want to read the full article with detailed information, you can download the PDF here or the full magazine.

Holger Zeltwanger (CAN Newsletter)

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