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CAN, Ethernet, and power lines in the same cable

Hradil has launched a cable, which can be used for CAN plus Ethernet communication. Additionally, it provides power lines.

With common and individual jackets (Photo: Hradil)

The tCAN, Ethernet, and power supply lines are protected by their own jackets made from a special easy-glide material. The entire cable is enclosed by a jacket made from TPE-U. The three-in-one cable has a cross-section of 23,6 mm. Compared with other conventional single cables it is far more resilient and durable, stated the supplier. This black and halogen-free jacket is then amalgamated with the assemblies inside by pressure extrusion. This helps avoid potentially hazardous interstices. To shield the cable, the manufacturer has chosen an open braided sheath consisting of a high-strength textile fabric. Due to this the cable can withstand tensile stresses of up to 4 000 Newton. The product has been specially designed for outdoor applications and temperatures ranging from -60 °C up to +85 °C. It is resistant to ozone in accordance with DIN EN 60811-403 (test method A) and UV, pursuant to DIN EN 50289-4-17 (test method A), oil and petrol, and also to coolants and lubricants.

The four pairs of Cat 7 lines are in the center (Photo: Hradil)

The CAN lines feature an impedance is nominal 120 Ohm. The Ethernet lines comply with Cat-7 and have been designed for 10-Gbit/s transmissions. There are four individually shielded and twisted pairs of wires housed in inside a common shield. The cable is intended for use in heavy-duty vehicles.