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TVS circuitry

AEC Q101-qualified surge protectors

Bourns’ CDSOT23-T24CAN-Q comes in a SOT23-3 housing and features a 26,2-V minimum breakdown voltage.

The TVS circuitry protects CAN bus-lines (Photo: Bourns)

The components are suitable for CAN transceivers with an internal 24-V circuitry. The products provide ±30-kV contact discharge ESD protection and 500-V surge protection. The TVS circuit improves the reliability of automotive and industrial CAN networks. This series also improves robustness against damage from ESD and other transient voltage events.

CAN interface circuitry with TVS (Photo: Bourns)

The dual TVS diode array is suitable for transceiver that has internal protection against other faults such as 24-V power supply miswiring. The SOT-23 packaged component conforms to Jedec standards. It can be mounted directly onto the industry standard SOT-23 footprint. Its size eases layout on compact PCB designs while ensuring compliance with automotive EMI requirements.


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