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CAN splitter

Supports J1939 and CANopen

Trombetta offers so-called CAN splitters, which allow connecting multiple devices to a J1939 or CANopen network. The product is IP67-rated.

The shown CANopen splitter is suitable for mobile machinery; the J1939 splitter, too (Photo: Trombetta)

This J1939 splitter reduces cost by eliminating Y-adapters and extra harnesses typically used to provide additional connections to the network. The product operates in the temperature from -40 °C to +85 °C. The CANopen splitter features twelve connectors.

Trombetta is originally a manufacturer of DC power switching and power management products for mobile applications. The product portfolio includes DC contactors, voltage regulators, industrial solenoids, switches, and various electronic control devices. In 2016, the company acquired Electronic Design, which developed customized electronic products. Many of them utilize CAN interfaces, for example a J1939 gateway linking a 250-kbit/s segment with a 500-kbit/s ones.

The 10-channel CANopen output uses an M12 connector for the CAN interface (Photo: Trombetta)

Besides the above-mentioned CAN splitters, there are also CANopen output modules. They provide ten 25,5-A PWM outputs. Each output has independent control of frequency and duty cycle. The IP67-rated products come in rugged ABS housing.


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