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Slip rings

For extreme environments

Servotecnica (Italy) has designed the SVTS G series for use in extreme environments. The slip rings come in a 130-mm size, are water-resistant, and explosion-proof pursuant to Atex Directive 2017/34/EU.

The SVTS G series in two designs: the water-resistant SVTS G 01 version (left) and the explosion-proof SVTS G 02 ATEX version (right) (Photo: Servotecnica)

The protected slip rings are suitable for CAN networks. Adaptation possibilities are that for example, different cable lengths and networks are available for particularly high data transfer rates. The slip rings are installed in a aluminum or stainless-steel housing and guarantee an optimum transfer of power, signals, and data even under challenging environmental conditions, said the company. The slip rings are characterized by high stability and a long service life (108 revolutions) and provide protection against water and high temperatures, they added. Configurations featuring more than 50 circuits for higher current levels of up to 20 A and speeds of up to 250 rotations per minute are available. The company is producing the series in two designs: the SVTS G 01 water-resistant version and the SVTS G 02 explosion-proof Atex version.

The water-resistant version belongs to protection class IP67 and is suitable for environments with salt or condensation thanks to its corrosion-proof shell. The SVTS G 01 is heat-resistant and designed for being used at temperatures ranging from -40 ºC to +80 ºC. The SVTS G 02 version is certified according to Atex II2 GD Ex d IIB IIC T5 Gb and can therefore be employed in areas with potentially explosive dust and gas atmospheres. According to Servotecnica, Atex-approved slip rings guarantee the required high level of safety when used in explosion zones 1 (gas) and 21 (dust). The SVTS G 02 belongs to protection class IP66 and is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40 ºC to +60 ºC.

The product series is primarily employed in the oil and gas industry, but is also used in off-shore installations, water treatment and metallurgic applications. In addition, the slip rings are also suitable for applications in medical technology.


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