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TVS diode

Suitable for CAN FD nodes

Littlefuse (USA) has launched the AQ24CANFD series of TVS diode arrays. They can absorb repetitive ESD strikes.

The TVS diode arrays are AEC-Q101 qualified (Photo: Littlefuse)

The components are optimized to protect CAN nodes from damage due to electrostatic discharges (ESD), electrical fast transients (EFTs), and other overvoltage transients. They can withstand 3-A surges at a low clamping voltage. According to Littlefuse, a company with more than 10 000 employees in 40‑locations, the TVS diode arrays are PPAP-capable. This means the company uses the Production Part Approval Process to confirm that the device’s supplier understands the design specifications and has a process capable of producing product to meet these requirements, during an actual production run, at the quoted production rate.

The products are designed for automotive applications but are also suitable for factory automation and lightning control (DALI) applications. “These PPAP-capable components provide enhanced performance verification across a wider temperature range than most commercial products can offer and the clearly defined product flow from wafer creation to back-end processes ensures their provenance,” said Tim Micun from Littelfuse. “Our raw material supplier partnerships ensure a predictable pricing component lifetime cycle and allow offering same-site assembly over multiple design-in cycles.”

The components feature a 21‑kV ESD protection, and a 0,5‑Ω dynamic resistance, which allows a 10‑percent reduction in clamping voltage when compared to similar market solutions for superior clamping performance. The 11,5‑pF capacitance helps preserve signal integrity and minimize data loss. The products are available in SOT23‑3 surface-mount packaging in tape and reel format in quantities of 3 000. Sample requests may be placed through distributors worldwide.


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