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Electronica 2018

Common-mode choke for CAN

Fastron has announced the 1812CMF common-mode choke measuring 4,7 mm x 3,4 mm x 2,8 mm. The component consists of a ferrite core with two simultaneously wound copper wires.

Even with its magnetically shielding top plate the 1812CMF has a maximum height of 2,8 mm (Photo: Fastron)

The product is available in five inductance values – 11 µH, 22 µH, 51 µH, 100 µH, and 200 µH. It comes with impedance ranges between 600 Ω up to 10 000 Ω, current range from 100 mA to 250 mA, and low DCR range from 0,5 Ω to 4,5 Ω. Common for all 1812CMF is the minimum insulation resistance of 10 mΩ and the rated voltage of maximum 50 V.

Some of the major applications for the 1812CMF’s current inductance values include CAN for automobile systems, E-bikes, and other applications where two lines signal transmission is needed.

The operating temperature range, including component self-heating is from -55 °C to +150 °C. The product is compatible with lead-free solders, RoHS directive, and AEC-Q200 qualify.


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