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CAN cable suitable for J1939 networks

TE Connectivity has launched its portfolio of Raychem copper cables. They are designed for bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s.

The cables are specified for a maximum temperature range from -65 °C to +200 °C (Photo: TE Connectivity)

The twisted-pair cables feature 120-Ω impedance. This meets the requirements of SAE J1939-11 and J1939-15. With operating temperatures ranging from -65 °C to +200 °C (depending on construction), the cables are also available for use in aerospace applications, as well as marine applications. The provider offers variants from AWG 18 to AWG 26. Custom-designed cables are available upon request.

“In addition to designing a cable that is easier to terminate, compared to tape-wrap designs, we offer a variety of material choices versus a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Lynden Bajus, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense, and Marine division. “We can draw on a diverse portfolio of materials to design a solution around an industry’s needs and environmental conditions.” The CAN cables can be used in military ground systems, flight controls, aircraft galleys, and military, and commercial aerospace, among other applications.