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M12 cable connectors

The M12 Mini from Provertha is a M12 cable connector for space-saving fieldbus connection. It serves as a Devicenet / CAN solution.

The M12 Mini is a compact M12 cable connector for space-saving fieldbus connection (Photo: Provertha)

The M12 cable gland has a length of 44 mm with an outer diameter of 16/14 mm. Nevertheless, the connector offers a large cable clamping range of 4 mm to 9 mm. The special all-metal housing ensures shielding with high EMC. At the same time a solid fully shielded strain relief is provided. The cable is a solution for Devicenet / CAN, as well as Profinet / Ethernet.

The cable connector is available in the A‑5, A‑8, B, and D codes. The small number of individual parts facilitates assembly. The M12 locking nut with hexagonal combination knurl allows tightening of the screw connection to a defined torque. The single wires (wire size AWG 18 ‑ 28) are connected via machined crimp snap-in contacts. The current rating is specified with 4 A (2 A for A‑8) and the contact resistance with < 5 mΩ. The degree of protection is IP67 (screw-locked). The product can be used in the temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and allows more than 250 mating cycles.

The company’s M12 connectors are characterized above all by 360° shielded solutions, crimp flange, and compact outer dimensions. The M12 connectors are available in various codes, for example M12 A-code, M12 B-code, M12 D-code, and M12 X-Code. Also in extremely harsh industrial environments such as railway and aeronautical technology the products provide reliable signal transfer. Optimized for each specific application, the company offers various solutions, including cable assemblies.


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