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Quick-change system

For handling weights up to 50 kg

The pneumatically actuated robot quick-change system SWS-046 by Schunk allows change of different gripping systems and tools at the front end. It comes with modules for connecting actuators and sensors electrically. One supports CAN./strong>

The quick-change module is suitable for loads up to 50 kg and offers numerous options for supplying energy and signals to a variety of front-end effectors (Photo: Schunk)

With its four optional module attachment surfaces, the system offers a wealth of options for supplying the connected pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric effector. High-power modules, self-sealing fluid modules, and servo modules are available for this purpose. Another one of its feature is the number of modules for connecting actuators and sensors electrically. For example, the company offers modules for CAN, Profibus, Profinet, EIA-232, and Ethernet. These modules can be supplied with signals via examples such as mechatronic grippers or force/torque sensors. The number of electrical feed-throughs can be adjusted to the application in a modular fashion.

The SWS-046 screw connection diagram corresponds to robot side ISO 9409-1-100-6-M8. Schunk also offers an optional centering collar plate with ISO flange pattern, so that the module can usually be used on most robots without the need for an additional adapter plate. The patented "no-touch locking-system" facilitates a tool change even if the master and the adapter are up to 2,5 mm apart from one another.

In the event of an emergency stop or a sudden power failure, the locking system with its patented self-maintained locking ensures a process-stable connection between the quick-change master and adapter. A piston stroke monitoring system that is also integrated can be used to monitor the locking state of the module at any time. The maximum permissible moment load is 678 Nm (Mx, My) or 882 Nm (Mz).


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