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CAN cable for aerospace and military networks

Gore offers 120-Ohm cables. They are suitable for CAN networks and comply with J1939 specifications.

(Source: Gore)

Gore’s aerospace CAN cables can withstand rapid temperature changes, harsh contaminants, repeated vibration, and rigorous routing in airframes. They are 18 % smaller and up to 50 % lighter than standard cables claims the supplier. A smaller diameter also means increased flexibility with a tight bend radius, making routing much simpler during installation and maintenance. The company also provides CAN cables designed for military land systems.

“When put to the test, our CAN cables maintain stable communication on avionics networks for as long as the aircraft remains in service,” stated Gore on its website. “Ultimately giving fight crews a decisive edge and the confidence that avionics in the aircraft they fly won’t fail during critical missions.” The cables include an inverted dielectric design that enables easier wire preparation and insertion in smaller connector systems. The inverted dielectric layers can be stripped off using sharp mechanical strippers set at the next largest AWG size. The cables are designed to fit a variety of aerospace connector systems and back-shells such as Arinc and MIL-STD-38999 with size-8 and 22D contacts.


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