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Autobus Oberbayern selects Orbcomm’s in-cab solution for bus fleet

Orbcomm has been selected by Autobus Oberbayern to equip their entire coach fleet with Orbcomm’s fleet management.

Autobus Oberbayern, bus and coach operators in Germany, is using Orbcomm’s in-cab solution to gain complete visibility, monitoring, and management of their drivers and passenger buses. Orbcomm’s solution delivers GPS fleet tracking and connects to the bus’s CAN network to collect and evaluate important data from the engine, brake systems, fuel tanks and more. This provides access to deep analytics via Fleetmanager, Orbcomm’s web platform. Orbcomm is provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Orbcomm ensures Autobus Oberbayern’s fleet managers and dispatchers always know the current position and technical status of their buses and keeps their fleet in compliance by automating the hours of service, rest, and working times of their drivers. Orbcomm also provides live, on-board driver performance scoring, and corrects unsafe driving behaviors that lead to accidents, fines, and higher insurance for improved fleet safety. In addition, the platform enables Autobus Oberbayern to decrease operating costs and improve productivity through real-time asset management, reduced risk of fuel loss, and preventive maintenance, said Orbcomm.

Orbcomm’s Truck Management platform is a truck telematics solution. It combines driver-focused in-cab devices based on Android, BT 500 truck tracking hardware, and back-end reporting from Fleetmanager. The BT 500 provides complete visibility, monitoring, and management of drivers, vehicles, and displays. Part of a solution that combines in-cab devices, cloud-based reporting, and connected hardware, the BT 500 provides GPS fleet tracking, advanced data collection from the CAN network, communication options and an open, scalable platform to connect to third-party apps and other devices.

“Orbcomm’s solution offers an all-in-one telematics platform that significantly simplifies and accelerates our order management, tracking and tracing processes, and improves driver communication,” said Bastian Troester, Head of Occasional Transport Disposition at Autobus Oberbayern. “By incorporating telematics across our bus fleet, we can also help maximize the safety of our passenger transport service and deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction.”


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