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Slip ring transmitters in agricultural machinery

The slip ring transmitters from Moog Rekofa provides secure transmission of data, media, and the angular position for a continuous rotation application. They support CAN and CANopen.

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In many areas of application, machines need to rotate continuously. This includes construction machinery like mobile excavators, cranes, or even wrapping machines for silage. All of these machines have continuously rotating axes that need to be supplied with electrical current, data, and media. The solution is a slip ring transmitter that fulfills all requirements, including angle detection. Limiting rotation using a cable (drag chain) or a hydraulic hose are not good alternatives because they significantly limit the productivity as well as the flexibility of the machine.

Hybrid rotary distributor for the distribution of media, currents, and data; The electrical section (shown here in black) can also be delivered without media (Source: Moog Rekofa)

At the location in Antweiler/Germany, Moog Rekofa has been designing and manufacturing slip ring transmitters, media distributors, and cable drums for over 60 years. The company has also developed contact pairings and contactless data transfer methods here to enable increasingly higher bit rates and longer service lives, they explained. The solutions from the company are delivered in a single, sturdy housing with a protection class up to IP69K. The slip rings feature up to 1 000 A and > 1 000 V per ring, as well as a CAN network up to 1 Mbit/s. Additionally, they provide an operating temperature from -50 °C to +100 °C and are resistant to seawater, UV light, as well as oils.

Encoders / rotary encoders

For several years already, the company has delivered their slip ring transmitters with analog or digital encoders in the same housing. The zero point of a slip ring transmitter can be programmed immediately upon delivery to the customer.


The first electrical slip ring transmitters made by the company were designed and built in 1960. While Ethernet/Profinet over diagnosis-capable optical fibers are used in welding machines for automobiles for EMC safety, copper-bound systems and CANopen are used in agricultural and construction machinery. A surface coating is applied to the conductors,. A total of six contact points for each individual conductor transfer current and data.

Media distributors

The media distributors are available in combination and operate at pressures ranging from -1 bar to 500 bar. Many designs are made of aluminum to reduce weight. They are naturally also designed for applications where condensation is present, for example, and like all systems from Moog Rekofa, they are subject to a final inspection before delivery.


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