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24-bit A/D conversion

Digitizes load cells measurement values

LCB by Althen (Netherlands) is a measuring amplifier for load cells with integrated analog/digital converter. The digitizer is considered to make analog weighing applications ready for IoT (Internet of Things).

(Source: Althen)

The unit can be used on existing load cells or strain gauge sensors. Up to four load cells can be connected in parallel by a junction box. The unit also features three relay outputs and two digital inputs. A measurement range of ±26 mV is offered. The device performs 600 conversions per second. After digitalization, the values can be transmitted via CANopen to a PLCs (programmable logic controller). The digitizer can act as a CANopen NMT slave using a synchronous communication. Variants for connection (three M12 connectors) to other serial bus systems are available as well. Six LEDs indicate the operation of the communication interface. The device dimensions are 97 mm x 38 mm x 82 mm including connectors. The IP67-rated junction box is made of stainless steel enabling the use in harsh environments. Operating at power supply from 12 VDC to 24 VDC, the unit consumes 5 W. Working temperature ranges from -20 °C to +50 °C. Software configuration from a PC is possible using the unit’s micro USB port.


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