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Telematics platform

Centralized management for trucks from diverse manufacturers

Since August 2017, trucks from MAN are equipped with Rio-Box acting as an interface between the vehicle and the Rio telematics platform. A recent solution allows to manage fleets from diverse manufacturers without to install the box.

The company’s trucks are equipped with the Rio-Box as standard (Source: MAN)

Using the cloud-based solution customers are able to centrally access diverse fleet data and use transportation and logistics services. Via the CAN interface, the box collects the in-vehicle data and transmits the encrypted data to the cloud via the integrated mobile radio communication module. A security server located in Germany receives the data and makes it available to the customer via the Rio platform. This enables, among others, the analysis of vehicle data (e.g. engine rotations, speed, fuel level, or brake usage) by the driver. The services on the platform offer processing and interpretation of the data e.g. regarding economic efficiency of the vehicle. The customer can decide which data are to be shared and how to use offered digital solutions of the platform. The Rio-Box can be retrofitted on older trucks from MAN or from other truck manufacturers.

Telematic services of the Rio platform are now also possible without the use of the Rio-Box. The mixed fleet bridge solution is available for trucks from MAN, Scania, and Volvo. The in-vehicle data from the CAN networks can be remotely transmitted to the platform via the FMS (fleet management system) interface. As no additional hardware has to be installed, this solution is interesting for operators of fleets with vehicles from different manufacturers (mixed fleets).

Using the MAN Driver App a driver can create a profile of their vehicle and use a checklist that will guide them through the pre-departure check. This also includes an option for documenting damage directly using photos that are time-stamped. It provides the protection (e.g. when dealing with the police), since the app documents that the pre-departure check has been carried out. For fleet management, the app provides an overview of identified damage for each vehicle via the Rio platform. This helps to repair existing defects and protects against major consequential damage.


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