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Automotive anti-theft system

The 4600 modular anti-theft alarm platform by Vodafone Automotive features a control unit with integrated ultrasonic sensors. It is suited for CAN-based and non-CAN-based vehicles.

The system comprises a central unit, a siren and ultrasonic sensors (Source: Vodafone Automotive)

The system integrating an engine immobilizer and an ultrasonic volumetric detector protects the vehicle perimeter (doors, boot, bonnet). It also offers the ignition lock tamper protection. Audible alarms (via warning horn or siren) and visual alarm (flashing of turn indicators) are the available options. Also featured is an anti-hijack function and control output for a pager. An LED indicator is used for the diagnostic functions. A Wifi interface enables interaction with the vehicle via a smart phone.

The alarm control unit (ACU) with integrated ultrasonic volumetric sensor can be connected to either the vehicle’s horn or a siren (wired or wireless). Arming and disarming is fulfilled via the vehicle’s original remote door locking/unlocking system and/or via the Vodafone Automotive remote control. The remote control is an additional accessory if the vehicle has no original remote-control system. A passive arming is programmable. Thereby the system arms itself automatically 30 seconds after the ignition has been turned off and the driver’s door opened and subsequently closed. An emergency disarming is possible in the case of loss or failure of the remote key. Once the system is armed, starting of the vehicle becomes impossible. Opening a door, the boot, or the bonnet triggers the alarm. The information is either provided via the CAN network or collected through the alarm trigger inputs for contact switches. An alarm is also triggered if ignition is turned on while the system is armed.

The vehicle interior is monitored by means of the ultrasonic sensor that is integrated within the control unit. The detection of unauthorized access triggers the alarm. Further security is available with a driver’s card (with a programmable driver recognition), which regularly transmits a signal to the engine. To give an audible alarm, the ACU can be connected to the vehicle’s original warning horn, a wireless backup battery siren, or a wired high-power siren. The turn indicators flash while the siren sounds. Further it is possible for fulfill a function check and a door closure check. Temporary deactivation of additional sensors and switching to a garage mode (disabling of automatic functions e.g. for service purposes) is possible as well.

The number of wire connections is restricted to six and, if the wireless siren is chosen, no wire needs to be routed from the engine bay to the passenger compartment where the control unit is fitted. The operating parameters and the CAN interface settings of the system can be configured by means of a programming tool (Data Linker). A specific application (Antares) and the model-specific application files are available for download from company’s website. The system operates at voltages from 8 VDC to 16 VDC) and temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. The control unit dimensions 86,5 mm x 75,6 mm x 25 mm.


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