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Right-turn assistant for more safety on the road

Rightviu from Continental is a radar-based solution, which assists drivers in turning maneuvers. Via CAN, the system can be retrofitted to light or heavy trucks and busses.

The radar is installed on the right mirror (Source: Continental)

The system uses a radar sensor and the VRU (vulnerable road user) software to detect whether a road user is inside the vehicle’s danger zone. It extends the driver’s field of vision by up to 4 m to the right and 14 m to the rear. The human machine interface requires no display. Instead, a dual-signal system (light and buzzer) enables the driver to take quick action when an emergency arises.

Overview of the turn assist system (Source: Continental)

The solution includes an evaluation unit, which is connected to the in-vehicle CAN network. Further devices (radar, steering angle sensor, warning lamp, and buzzer) are connected to the evaluation unit via CAN. The radar is mounted on the right mirror. The cables are routed through the door into the cab. The buzzer and lamp are mounted on the A-pillar. Before the initial operation, the system is calibrated. The system can be adapted to diverse vehicle models. It can also be retrofitted to various trucks and other vehicles e.g. dump trucks, garbage trucks, busses, silo vehicles, etc. Switching of tractor implements causes no problem as the system is installed in the tractor vehicle. The solution requires no maintenance after installation. It is capable of self-diagnosis and transmission of the results.

Rightviu is an answer by Continental to a campaign from German ministry for traffic and digital infrastructure (BMVI) focusing on turn assistance. Its aim is to fit as many trucks as possible with such potentially life-saving technology, before it becomes mandatory for new vehicles in 2022 and for all newly licensed vehicles from 2024 onwards.


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