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ADAS logging

Logging solution for the whole vehicle

CANape Log from Vector Informatik is a combination of the CANape calibration and measurement tool with the CAN (FD) capable logger hardware.

While application in stand-alone mode the mobile user interface (UI) provides all necessary information. In the interactive mode the full CANape functionality can be used. (Source: Vector Informatik)

The solution enables time-synchronous recording of measurement data from various sources. The device can be operated in the stand-alone or in the interactive mode. Both approaches use the same hardware and cabling setup without modification. For the experts a familiar CANape user interface with full functionality can be used. A simple web-based user interface for system status monitoring via mobile devices is offered in stand-alone logger mode. In this mode the solution performs measurement and recording autonomously and automatically.

The supported logging hardware includes the VN8900, VP6400, and VP7400 hardware platforms. The devices provide CAN (FD) connectivity and offer recording data rates of 15 MiB/s, 500 MiB/s, and 1 GiB/s, respectively. The addressed application areas include in-vehicle networks and ECU (electronic control unit) logging, as well as ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) logging. The latter include time-synchronous parallel recording of bus messages, video streams, radar raw data, and XCP on Ethernet in the automobile. The VP6400 and VP7400 support exchangeable storage cartridges with up to 4 TiB respectively 16 TiB SSD memory.

CANape log system hardware VP6400, VP7400, and VN8911 (from left). (Source: Vector Informatik)

The available computing power enables real-time analyses and the calculation of virtual signals at the run-time. Open interfaces enable integration of customer-specific protocols and sensors. By saving the measurement data in the MDF4.1 standard, one can use the data in subsequent steps. Complex trigger conditions, calculations, and online evaluations via CANape’s internal programming language Casl is possible. The logging solution can be distributed across multiple hardware platforms and storage media in the vehicle.


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