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Li-Ion battery blocks

Modular energy storage for up to MWh-range

Commeo (Germany) is a provider of CAN-controlled energy storage solutions. The energy storage block (ESB) is the core module of all company’s products.

The ESBs are interconnected via CAN (Source: Commeo)

The ESB has been constructed to incorporate different current cell types and chemical compositions. The company-developed battery management system (BMS) is an integral part of each block. It monitors the safety-relevant information of the Lithium-Ion-based ESBs. The devices also feature a heat management system and a redundant back-up system.

Within a single energy storage rack, the ESBs can be interconnected in diverse configurations to create a tailored storage system (Source: Commeo)

Together with the Commeo control unit (CCU), the ESBs can be plug-and-play linked together into a flexible system. The company produces energy storage racks combining the customer-required number of ESBs. Thus, voltages are selectable from 48 V to 800 V with possible currents of up to 200 A per rack. Additionally, the offered energy storage container provides the functionality for large-scale applications that require multiple MWh. The CCU allows to control and to monitor the system down to the one-block-related details. It collects the necessary information about the blocks and uses it to determine the system properties. The values collected and calculated are transferred to downstream control elements via defined interfaces.


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