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RFID reader/writer

For Industry 4.0 and IoT applications

The Bluebox CX series by Idtronic (Germany) are CAN-connectible RFID reader devices supporting the CANopen and J1939 higher-layer protocols.

The readers are optionally available with M12 or RJ45 connectors (Source: Idtronic)

Data capturing and collection are possible using CAN (CANopen or J1939), RS232/485, or Wiegand interfaces. Real-time transmission of ongoing processes in the automotive, medical technology, or agricultural sectors can be handled via CAN. The EIA-232/EIA-485 interface is dedicated for direct machine control. The so-called Wiegand interface is a port for the identification and evaluation of access control data. A USB interface is available for service purposes. The IP67-protected readers with the operation temperature of -20 °C to +55 °C are suitable for rough environments within the industrial area.

Identification and assignment of attachments on tractors (Source: Idtronic)

As an example, the introduced readers can be used for the identification of attachments on agriculture tractors. The RFID antenna is mounted on the gripping arm of the vehicle. The reader identifies various external parts with the attached RFID transponders such as excavator bucket or drills. The system controller is mounted next to the steering wheel. The transponder containing data of the attached part transports it via the antenna on the gripper arm to the RFID reader. The data from the reader is sent to the central control system via the CAN network.

The devices are delivered with a software development kit (SDK), which enables the creation of a customized application. The Bluebox Show and a demo software introduction video on the company’s Youtube explain the setting and adjustment options for the readers.


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