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M12 mini connectors

Available with CANopen and Devicenet coding

Provertha launched the M12-Mini bulkhead cable connectors with cable gland for limited installation depth in control cabinet and housing.

The full-metal-housed connectors with crimp connection technology measure 24,5 mm of length behind a cabinet or housing wall (Source: Provertha)

The components with crimp connection technology measure 24,5 mm of length behind a cabinet or housing wall. The complete length is 41 mm. The space-saving versions are suitable for demanding requirements in rail technology as well as industrial and factory automation such as presses for forming technology or stamping technology. The certified shock and vibration protection accord to DIN EN 61373, category 2 and category 1 class B. Passing the salt spray test, the connectors feature the 500 h corrosion protection according to EN 60512-11-6. Beside variants for other networks, they are available as plug or socket versions for CANopen and Devicenet interfaces with A-5 coding.

The cable clamping ranges from 4 mm to 9 mm. The full-metal housing ensures effective shielding with high EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). There is also a solid, fully-shielded strain relief. The mentioned features ensure compact, safe, and reliable data transmission, claims the manufacturer. The assembly on the control cabinet door or the housing wall is non-rotatable and with aligned coding through lateral flattened areas on the housing. The fastening thread is M16x1,5 and the locking is carried out with the counter nut included in the scope of delivery.

Due to the few individual parts, the assembly is simple, said the company. The single wires (wire cross-section AWG 18 to AWG 28) are connected using turned crimp snap-in contacts. For use in special applications, the turned crimp contacts have a higher current rating than the standard specification of 4 A (2 A for A-8) and the contact resistance of less than 5 mΩ. The degree of protection is IP67 (screw-locked). The components can be used in the temperature range from -40 °C to + 85 °C and enable more than 250 mating cycles.

Founded in 1981, Provertha has more than 800 employees at four locations in Germany and Hungary. Customers from 45 countries are companies from the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and electronics markets. The manufacturer’s range of products and services includes standard and special connectors with accessories including data cables, harnesses, and cable looms as well as complete solutions for plastic molding and tool making. An online order service enables also small order quantities.


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