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Contactors provide critical data to improve system performance

Sensata Technologies announced the availability of the GXC and MXC series of contactors with CAN communication. They provide valuable data for system performance and diagnostics in military, battery system, energy storage, commercial vehicle, and industrial applications.

The contactors with CAN enable fleet managers, OEM, and integrators to make more informed decisions, perform predictive maintenance, and improve application up-time, said the company (Source: Sensata Technologies)

Developed to protect against short circuits and thermal runaways, these CAN-enabled contactors can be integrated and enable data acquisition, making them suitable for data logging, telematics, and predictive maintenance.

From fleet managers who need to monitor operations to engineers who are looking for more data or are working on prototype vehicles, one-off demo projects, or in R&D labs, the GXC and MXC series of CAN-based contactors are suitable for any system where real-time data is critical for analysis, safety, and reliability, explained the company.

In comparison, power management solutions without CAN-enabled contactors require multiple sensors as well as a separate data logger to capture and record all the information. With the addition of CAN communication, the contactor becomes part of the CAN backbone and allows all other CAN nodes to see the data and act upon it, helping to connect everything on the vehicle or system.

With the available database (.dbc) download file, system integrators can be up and running in minutes. Fleet managers, OEM's (original equipment manufacturers) and integrators can now tap into the CAN network to monitor current, terminal voltage, control voltage, temperature, state, and cycle count to make more informed decisions. The data can be analyzed for trends, fed to a telematics system, or used for system diagnostics, monitoring, and predictive maintenance. With these contactors, potential problems can be detected and resolved before a failure occurs, improving vehicle and application up-time.

“The addition of these new CAN-enabled contactors to our portfolio is an important part of our initiative to provide smarter, more connected, insight-providing components and solutions for a wide range of mission-critical and electrified applications,” said Nicholas Moelders, Vice President, Clean Energy Solutions at Sensata Technologies.


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