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Allison Transmission will equip the Tourrider tour coaches for North America from Mercedes-Benz with its B 500R automatic transmission. The control system of the transmission is managed via CAN.

For its tour coach for the North American market, Daimler Buses has opted for Allison automatic transmissions (Source: Allison)

The Mercedes-Benz Tourrider was developed in cooperation with North American coach operators. It will be manufactured at the Mercedes-Benz plant in HoĊŸdere, Turkey. The Tourrider, a three-axle high-decker coach, is fitted with an Allison fully automatic transmission as factory standard and, with its Tourrider Business and Tourrider Premium models, caters to sophisticated clientele, explained the company.

The Mercedes-Benz Tourrider is powered by a 12,8-liter, in-line six-cylinder OM 471 engine with 336 kW and a maximum torque of 2 100 Nm, and Allison’s automatic B 500R transmission. The six-speed gearbox incorporates an integrated hydraulic retarder, which reduces the stress on the service brakes. The gearbox also includes an electro-hydraulic control system managed via CAN network. According to the company, Allison’s transmission control module (TCM) offers software solutions to improve fuel economy.

The Tourrider is also equipped with Allison Transmission's fuel-saving Fuelsense 2.0 software. A shifting algorithm used to achieve a balance between fuel consumption and performance by automatically adapting the transmission control to load, speed, and topography and selecting the most efficient shift point, explained the company.

The B 500R is part of the Torqmatic series, a range of automatic transmissions designed to meet the specific needs of coaches, intercity, and city buses with engine outputs of up to 410 kW and 2 450 Nm. The series offers up to six forward gears and one reverse gear as well as electronic controls for operation and prognostics capabilities. The final assembly of the Torqmatic bus transmissions for the Mercedes-Benz Tourrider will be carried out at Allison Transmission's European plant in Szentgotthard, Hungary, the company added.

The patented Allison torque converter seamlessly multiplies engine torque when starting and the Continuous Power Technology ensures gear changes without interruptions in tractive power, the company continued. The helical gears also contribute to the reduced noise level. As a result of additional measures on the engine, the automatic transmission and the noise encapsulation, it has been possible to achieve a further significant reduction in noise emissions, the company explained. This leads to a more comfortable ride for the passengers and conditions for a relaxed and smooth journey on vacation.


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