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Inertial navigation system

CAN as connection option

Coming on the heels of its compatibility with the Nvidia Driveworks version 4 software release, Hexagon/Novatel announced that its Pwrpak7-E1 is now supported on the Nvidia Drive Hyperion autonomous vehicle (AV) development platform. CAN is provided as connection option.

The CAN-featured GNSS inertial navigation system from Novatel is used in Nvidia’s AV development platform (Source: Adobe Stock)

Drive Hyperion is an operational, production-validated, and open AV platform that reduces the amount of time and cost required to outfit vehicles with the technology required for AI (artificial intelligence) features and autonomous driving, explained the company. The Pwrpak7-E1 delivers Span (GNSS +INS) technology from Novatel in an integrated, single-enclosure solution. Powered by Novatel OEM7 GNSS engine, the Pwrpak7-E1 is suitable for Nvidia’s Drive Hyperion. The Pwrpak7-E1 also has enhanced connection options including CAN (1 Mbit/s), serial, USB, and Ethernet making it a solution for positioning used in development of autonomous vehicles.

Selected for its position output, the product will be offered with Nvidia's autonomous driving test fleets worldwide. In conjunction with Novatel’s Waypoint Inertial Explorer post-processing software, the Pwrpak7-E1 provides the position reference for autonomous driving software behavior that can be validated. The GNSS and IMU output of the product, along with data from other onboard sensors, are recorded and fed into Nvidia's autonomous driving development infrastructure and processing pipeline. There, data is synchronized, utilized for training AI models, and used in testing of various software components and autonomous driving behavior.


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