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Drum-reeling hybrid cable

For chemical and construction industry

Hradil Spezialkabel presented a drum-reeling hybrid cable for power transmission which also includes CAN, Cat7 Ethernet, fibre-optic cable, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic hoses. The hybrid cable is for demanding tasks in the chemical industry.

Drum-reeling hybrid cable by Hradil Spezialkabel for the chemical and construction Industry (Source: Hradil/mmmx/

Other potential applications include the construction industry, civil engineering projects as well as tunneling work for heavy construction machinery and tunnel boring machines. In addition to the hoses at the central core that serve pneumatic and hydraulic supply applications the hybrid cable also includes CAN cables, a 75-Ohm coax cable, Cat 7 Ethernet as well as fibre-optic cables.

The hybrid cable brings together four capabilities or functions in a single cable, explained the company: Ethernet in accordance with category 7 for the transmission of real-time data, power transmission up to 1000 volts, real-time control tasks due to the CAN network, as well as image and video data using the coax and the fibre-optic cables to transmit signal and control signals at high data transmission rates. Furthermore, the hybrid cable was designed to survive outdoor usage over several years even in the harshest climate conditions and it excels in drag chain applications where it withstands extreme tensile and torsional loads, said the company.

According to the company, the cable attains extraordinary mechanical properties and withstands a tensile strength of up to 10 000 N. It is available from a minimum length of 200 meters. The cable jacket is resistant against oil, gasoline, and sea water as well as against cooling fluids, lubricants, and cold cleaner, they added.

„Industrial users today have come to expect ever more versatility from a cable”, said Alfred Hradil, Managing Director at Hradil Spezialkabel. To save costs, maintenance efforts and space, different functions that in the past were performed by several different cables, today are united in one hybrid cable. However, this can only be achieved where solutions have been found which in terms of engineering, design, and choice of material permit the combination of multiple purposes in a single cable.


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