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CAN cable with connector and termination

The CAN-power-supply by B-Plus is a 5-wire CAN cable with connector and integrated bus termination resistor. It is designed for mobile machine use and is also Devicenet-compliant.

Version wit tilted connector Version with straight connector

THE M12-SOCKET CONNECTOR IS AVAILABLE in tilted and straight versions. It is IP67-rated. The pinning complies with CANopen (CiA 303-1) as well as Devicenet. The cable is made of an oil-resistant material. The bus termination resistor is 120 Ohm. The two power-wires and the bus-line wires are twisted. The color-coding is blue (CAN_L) and white (CAN_H) for the bus-lines and red (VCC) and black (ground) for the power-lines.
The product’s operating temperature is -30 °C to 90 °C. The black cable is available in 5-m or 10-m versions. Other lengths are provided on request.

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Floyd Bell Ixxat