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CAN repeater with anti-noise circuit

HMS Industrial Networks (Sweden) now launches CAN repeaters under the Ixxat (Germany) brand. These products enable coupling of two or more CAN network segments. The integrated galvanic isolation provides a built-in protection against over voltage and the anti-noise circuit of the units eliminates the effects of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) like heavy noise on the CAN network.

THE CAN REPEATERS ENABLE MACHINE BUILDERS and system integrators to use extended CAN topologies including tree or star topologies. With the use of a repeater, it is possible to build electric segments that can be terminated in terms of signals. The repeater increases the signal quality, and makes it possible to isolate malfunctions – keeping the remaining CAN-system operational. Furthermore, the implemented monitoring function detects CAN lines, which are disturbed or malfunctioning. These lines are disconnected automatically, thus allowing the remaining network to continue functioning normally. After the fault has been eliminated, the disconnected segment is automatically reconnected to the network.
Depending on the type of repeater, the CAN lines are protected among each other and against the power supply up to 4 kV. In addition, the built-in CAN network choke provides protection against signal peaks. The repeaters come in several different variants, both for copper and fiber-optic wiring.

“The Ixxat CAN repeaters are based on proven technology and we feel that it is now time to offer these to a wider international market,” commented Thomas Waggershauser, Product Marketing Director for Ixxat solutions at HMS. “Ixxat CAN repeaters has helped users to extend topology and improve robustness of CAN-networks since 1992 when Ixxat presented the world’s first CAN repeater. Use cases vary from customers wanting to reduce the lengths of their CAN wiring, to users who need to galvanically isolate CAN lines and rebuild CAN-signals. One common example is wind turbines with fiber-optic wiring in the blades. The CAN repeaters are used for isolation in case of a lightning strike and to refresh signals to use low-service slip-rings. CAN repeaters are a great tool for any system integrator or machine builder working with CAN since it allows them to substantially reduce wiring complexity and improve system reliability.”

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