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Energybus charger with CANopen

The piCAN-EB-Charger by Pironex (Germany) is an Energybus charger for lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Its charge voltage is between 14,4 V and 56 V and its maximum charge current are 10 A.

THE DEVICE COMES IN A FANLESS ALUMINIUM HOUSING (124 mm x 143 mm x 80 mm) and weights 0,92 kg. The device communicates via Energybus (CANopen), LIN or I2C. The compatibility with various bus systems makes it possible to connect the charger to bikes from different manufacturers. The charger can be used for example for Energybus applications like e-bikes, and pedelecs (pedal electric cycle). The first public pilot installation of CiA 454 compliant charging stations was recently opened in the Tegernsee (Germany) area. Goal of the pilot project is the introduction of a standardized charging infrastructure for light electric vehicles (LEVs) by means of a newly developed Charge & Lock Cable.

An internal CAN system allows the control of several piCAN-EB-Chargers by a host computer (e.g. piA-AM3505). This CAN network also supports power and door management (electronic door-opener support) and permits determining and transmitting the charger’s parameters via internet. Redundant monitoring of charging parameters ensures charge security. The switchable 12-V Aux-Output with the voltage sensing enables the activation of deeply discharged batteries and passive Energybus-devices. Its design enables the use of the charger in a rough environment.

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